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Small, portable oil skimmer system can make big impact in BP disaster clean-up on Louisiana shoreline


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A North Carolina company that specializes in industrial oil skimmers has created a small, portable oil skimmer system specifically designed to clean up the BP oil spill on the shoreline in the Gulf of Mexico.

SkimOil, Inc., has incorporated their well-proven industrial skimmer into a portable, easy-to-use surface skimming system that can be used on small vessels to remove large volumes of oil without compacting or destroying sensitive marshland vegetation in the Gulf of Mexico.

This floating weir skimmer, called the GulfSTOP system, is designed to work from the deck of smaller boats or barges that can get in close to shore and in the shallows where the oil is doing the most serious damage. The skimmer can skim from the top 2' of the water surface and can remove over 50 gallons of oil or liquid per minute.

Videos and illustrations of how the system works are available at

According to SkimOil president Roscoe McWilliams, 'Think of this skimmer as a floating hole in the water—where everything on the surface near it—flows into the skimmer to be pumped off for removal. One man working on a small boat with an extension pole can guide the skimmer directly into the shallows and remove the oil fast.'

McWilliams added, 'We can and will put together training videos and can conduct on the ground training sessions that would enable local workboats to get in close to shore and make HUGE oil recovery possible NOW.'

The GulfSTOP skimming system can include the unique floating weir skimmer and a diesel powered small diaphragm pump that can handle the solids and trash that is always at shoreline--feeding a specially configured oil water separator designed specifically for spilled oil recovery.

SkimOil is ramping up production of these systems and working with its strategic partners that specialize in oil water separators. Skimmers are currently in stock and can work with almost any pump. The company says it can produce a few hundred units within 10 days of ordering.

Within days of introducing this system, several units were deployed by various contractors and put immediately to work on the Gulf coastline.

SkimOil, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of oil skimming equipment and oil water separators. The company was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Carrboro, NC.

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