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Smallest Windows Data Acquisition System available


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Ecotech is pleased to announce the release of the new WinAQMS mini Data Acquisition System. Ecotech's WinAQMS Data Acquisition System is the culmination of 30 years of successful field experience in data acquisition. It is a fifth generation data gathering and control system that has been specifically designed for use in ambient air, meteorological and emission monitoring applications.

The new WinAQMSmini DAS uses exactly the same software, but is installed on a miniature industrial computer with dimensions marginally larger than that of an iphone.

The WinAQMSmini DAS has many advantages over other data acquisition systems and data loggers such as:

  • Requires less than 7 watts of power
  • The most compact Windows® based data acquisition system available
  • 64Gb solid state hard disk, capable of storing up to 10 years worth of data
  • The ability to connect digitally to a wide variety of “smart analyzers”
  • Ideal for use in weather stations or air quality monitoring systems where space is limited
  • Designed and tested to cope with wide temperature ranges it offers a solution for applications where air conditioning is not available

WinAQMS interfaces to a range of analyzers which includes those manufactured by Ecotech, Met One, Synspec, Dani, Baseline, Thermo, API, Environnment SA etc. The use of RS232 and USB links allows WinAQMS to collect data directly from these instruments in digital format thus eliminating digital to analog conversion errors. An optional 16 bit termination panel (TPIM) provides a high level of accuracy when interfacing with non-digital sensors.

A variety of communication methods can be used including modem, ethernet and satellite networks. Data can be retrieved remotely or copied to the logger's mini SD card.

WinAQMS provides supervisory and interactive control from anywhere in the world enabling calibrations to be performed, system setup and diagnostic parameters to be viewed/changed and data to be retrieved at user selectable intervals. Another module, the WinAQMS’s Data Pusher, is able to automatically upload data to an FTP server or other applications without data needing to be downloaded first.

Ecotech’s WinAQMS Data Acquisition Systems have been installed in monitoring networks throughout the world and have proven their value in multiple applications. WinAQMSmini now enables customers to install WinAQMS in both compact and non air conditioned environments.


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