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Smith & Loveless Launches Next Generation of Long-Lasting Above-Grade Pump Stations with First EVERLAST Shipments


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LENEXA, Kan. -- Smith & Loveless announces the next milestone in the company’s storied history of pumping system innovation: the shipment of its first EVERLAST Wet Well Mounted Pump Station.

Speaking on the day of the shipment, Smith & Loveless President Frank Rebori addressed the achievement: “Today is a landmark day at Smith & Loveless…This is a great day for the company, a great day for our customers, a great day for everyone involved with this product.”

The new EVERLAST product line consolidates all of S&L’s above-grade pump station models and equipment options under one single brand. EVERLAST pump stations are housed outside of and above the wet well, making operator maintenance dramatically safer, simpler and more economical. Featuring the top S&L pumping innovations, new looks and enclosures, convenient package options, and industry-leading warranty protection, EVERLAST pump stations are designed to provide a long, successful service life.

“The name says it all…Our very first pump station was in fact installed over 65 years ago in Salina, Kansas, and it’s still running strong,” Rebori said. “These pump stations carry on that great tradition. We build longevity into everything that we do.”

EVERLAST pump stations feature exclusive S&L technology like the DURO-LAST Stainless Steel Baseplate with 25-year warranty, QUICKSMART Touch-Screen Station Controls, the X-PELLER Non-Clog Impeller and RapidJack Quick-Clean Check Valve. Supplemental packages offer solutions for extreme clogging applications, enhanced station monitoring, cold weather protection and more.

These EVERLAST features make the industry’s longest-lasting above-grade pump station even more durable and efficient. And it’s not all talk, either. Smith & Loveless backs up its newest product with industry-leading warranty protection, including 10-year top-to-bottom protection.

“We’re here for the customer in the long run,” Rebori said. “We’ll always be there.”

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