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Softener contribution to salinity examined


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The city of Woodland in California is naming water softeners as one source of salinity in its wastewater stream, has launched a survey to identify other sources of salinity making their way into the community’s wastewater, according to a recent post on the city of Woodland’s Web site.

In discussing the salinity minimization project, the city noted its hard water, adding, “Unfortunately, the widespread use of water softeners has a significant drawback: The water softening process increases the salt content of the water, so that by the time that softened water is used by residents and businesses and discharged as sewage, its salt levels are almost double those of the potable water. Even more salts are added to the wastewater stream from human waste, garbage disposals, cleaning chemicals, soaps and detergents.”

The city was encouraging residents, commercial and industrial sites, schools, and all other community members to complete the salinity survey.

The city said it must reduce the amount of salt it discharges to the environment as part of its recently renewed wastewater treatment plant permit from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. Through the survey, the city hopes to “better characterize local practices and potential salinity sources, and identify areas of greatest need for public outreach.”

As a long-term solution to this problem, the city of Woodland said it has proposed partnering with the city of Davis to reduce the use of mineral-laden groundwater.

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