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Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc Revolutionizes Soil Vapor Extraction Operations with ReMAC…Remote Monitoring and Control Technology


Source: Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc.

Pollution Engineering magazine names Soil-Therm Equipment and their new ReMAC technology as a 2012 Editors Choice.

Los Angeles, CA, July 2012 -- “As a custom environmental and remediation equipment manufacturer since 1990, Soil-Therm Equipment Inc has now created a simple, practical and cost effective internet monitoring and control system to operate on any system they build.  From blowers, oxidizers, electric and chlorinated oxidizers, customers can monitor and control their entire system using an iPad, iPhone or laptop computer using specially designed touch screen/PLC cellular routers.  It significantly reduces operation and maintenance costs and site visits.”

Pollution Engineering magazine, July 2012 Issue, Pg. 15 


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