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Soil-Therm now offering Remediation Monitoring and Control (ReMAC)


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SOIL-THERM now offers the biggest advancement in environmental equipment ever! Our ReMAC technology allows Soil-Therm equipment operators huge advantages over all other equipment. Monitor all operation of the system, extract logged data anytime, make adjustments to optimize operation, diagnose and troubleshoot system operation before getting to the site, ensure 100% uptime through email, text, or phone notifications and much more. Also check on temperatures, flows, pressures, tank levels, flame strength, operational status, and run time, and view every screen on your Soil-Therm system as if you’re standing in front of it.

Now is the time to add ReMAC technology to your new or existing SOILTHERM system. Our ReMAC system is guaranteed to save you time, and cut project costs! Soil-Therm can upgrade your existing system with the following equipment: cellular router with nationwide service and unlimited data access and transfer, high powered digital antenna discretely mounted to main control panel, and PLC upgrades with programming and setup information for your laptop or iPhone or iPad devices. Simple to operate, and great for sending operating snapshots of the touchscreens anywhere to operators, engineers, management and your client. This is the most advanced remote capability ever!

Remote Monitoring Benefits:

  • Mobile cell router service throughout U.S.
  • 100% equipment uptime capable
  • Monitor anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce O&M visits and costs
  • Clean sites faster & more efficiently
  • Monitor & record all datapoints to 1sec.
  • Share information quickly
  • Laptop, iPAD and iPhone supported
  • Alarms sent via text or email
  • Timer operation of equipment & restarts
  • Expandable

Monitoring Options:

  • Oxygen (%)
  • LEL (% or ppmv)
  • Pump & Hi Alarm Levels
  • Position valves
  • Gas pressure (“wc)
  • Blower pressure (“wc)
  • Temperatures (F)
  • Vacuum (“Hg or “wc)
  • Air flows (cfm & scfm)
  • Water KO level (gals)
  • Blower Speed (Hz)
  • Amps (system & blowers)
  • Burner flame strength (V)
  • Gallons pumped (gals)
  • VOC emissions (ppmv)
  • Voltage On/Off (V)
  • H.E. Temp (F)
  • Hours Operation
  • Change Alarm settings
  • Open & adjust well valves
  • Customized to your specs
  • More options available!

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