Solar swimming pools provide regenerative fun


Source: TiSUN GmbH

The times when tons of water were heated with electricity or fossil energy sources belong in the past. Modern indoor pools are supplied with environmentally friendly solar heat, which allows ideal water temperatures the whole year-round.

Since March 2012 17,000 students at the Southeastern Louisiana University in the United States swim in environmentally friendly heated hot water. 1000 swimmers train in sustainably produced hot water in the Olympic swimming center in Belgrade every day and the pool of Alcala de Henares near Madrid also uses solar energy for water heating.

TiSUN CEO Robin M. Welling explains, why the installation of a TiSUN solar system for swimming pool heating is ideal: 'For swimming pools large amounts of hot water at a relatively low temperature are required. We operate with a large flow rate at a low temperature level. A solar system is the cheapest and most effective way of heating up indoor and outdoor pools as the sun provides free energy throughout the year.'

17,000 students bathe in solar heat
16 TiSUN large collectors with a total collector area of 130 m² on the roof of the kinesiology building at the University of Southeastern Louisiana supply hot water for the 23-meter pools in the building. In addition, the system covers the entire hot water demand of the educational institution. 'On sunny days 130 000 BTU per day can be generated,' states Frank White, president of Metro Mechanical, the installation company, which implemented the project.

'We are already planning a similar system for a college in Mississippi,' says White. 'The solar system will amortize itself within five years. Besides the financial savings the solar plant provides independence from non-renewable energy sources such as gas, which we have previously used.'

This advantage is also appreciated by the owners of the public pool of Alcala de Henares near Madrid. 347 m² solar collectors heat the water in the swimming pool with a size of 1,250 square meters, a Jacuzzi and 16 showers economically and environmentally conscious. With the solar system 70% of the annual energy costs can be saved. Similar energy savings have also been recorded by the Olympic pool in Belgrade, which is by heated by 82 TiSUN FM collectors with a total collector area of 209.1 m² and the swimming pool in St. Johann in Tirol, which provides energy for 400 guests daily.

More and more public swimming pools want to save energy costs and take advantage of the inexhaustible power of the sun. So do many residential customers, who heat their leisure or indoor pools with solar power.

'With a collector surface of 20 m² you can heat outdoor swimming facilities. With a collector surface of 10 m² it is possible to heat an indoor pool the whole year round. The investment charges off within a few years compared to the costs,' says Robin M. Welling TiSUN CEO and adds: “Especially pools that are only used in summer are of a great advantage as the energy needed for heating the rooms in winter, can be used for heating the pool in summer.”

TiSUN has been developing, producing and selling complete systems for the utilisation of solar heating energy for over two decades. The solar systems provide 100% independent, infinitely available, free solar energy for backup heating, water heating, process heat and cooling. Known as Europe's solar heating specialist, TiSUN has an export quota of 83%. The company employs a workforce of 120 at the main location in Tyrol/Austria and 90 sales personnel in Europe. TiSUN products are available in 48 markets in the EU27 and candidate countries, Switzerland, the former CIS states, the USA, MENA and India. All serially produced solar collectors feature multiple certifications. In addition to the Solar Keymark, which is valid across Europe, and the Austria Solar Seal of Quality, quality certifications from five other countries confirm the high standard of the products. The ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Test Certificate verifies that both product and service quality levels are especially high. Since 2010, the company has also been certified under the international environmental management standard ISO 140001.

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