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Solinst Canada Ltd. introduces new simple to use pump control unit for groundwater sampling


Source: Solinst Canada Ltd.

Solinst Canada Ltd. has developed a pump control unit that is easy to operate manually or with automatic presets, to obtain high quality groundwater samples with pneumatic pumps.

Solinst Canada Ltd., manufacturer of high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation, today unveiled their newly designed Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit.

The Model 464 Electronic Control Unit is made to work easily with pneumatic pumps and obtain representative groundwater samples during monitoring programs such as site assessments, contaminant detection, site characterizations, remediation projects, compliance monitoring, etc.

The Model 464 is designed to help field technicians meet the sampling protocols of regulators worldwide, including the U.S. EPA.  The Controller allows faster purge rates, as well as precise low flow control to ensure a representative sample at 100 ml/min or less when sampling for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 

The Control Unit outputs 125 psi and runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries that can last up to 100 hours of normal use.  The Model 464 also has a manual mode that allows users to operate the Control Unit without batteries, using only a compressed air source. 

These convenient boxes are rugged, dependable and suitable for all environments. Tubing is supplied and quick-connect fittings allow instant attachment to pumps, dedicated pump well caps, portable pump reel units and to an air compressor or compressed gas source.

The Control Unit is excellent to use with the company's own Model 407 Integra™ Bladder Pumps and Model 408 Double Valve Pumps.  The Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit is now available for purchase, for more information, visit:

About Solinst Canada Ltd.

Solinst has been dedicated to providing clients with high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation for over 25 years. They offer a broad range of practical equipment used by hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world.  The product line features: Levelogger® Dataloggers, Telemetry Systems, Water Level Meters, Interface Meters, Peristaltic Pumps, Drive-Points, Groundwater Samplers, and Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring Systems.  Their professional staff includes experienced hydrogeologists and engineers.  They provide exceptional customer service, and leading-edge instruments designed for repeatable accuracy, ease-of-use, and durability.

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