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Solinst releases new Interface Meter Design


Source: Solinst Canada Ltd.

Solinst is excited to announce a new version of the 122 Interface Meter, designed to accurately measure product level and thickness (LNAPL and DNAPL) in water wells and tanks, with more reliability and durability.

The Interface Meter's improved design features Solinst PVDF flat tape that is precisely laser marked every 1/100 ft. or each millimeter (markings are certified traceable to national standards). The PVDF flat tape is extremely durable, highly chemical-resistant, and easy to decontaminate. Lengths up to 1000 ft. (300 m) are available.

The 5/8' (16 mm) dia. probe is pressure-proof up to 500 psi, and one easy-access 9V battery powers the enhanced reel electronics. Solinst Interface Meters are ATEX certified and are certified safe for use in explosive environments, making them ideal when measuring in wells and tanks, at refineries, landfills or remediation sites.

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