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Solinst symposium a forum for learning and sharing


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The 2011 Solinst Symposium proved to be another great forum for attendees and presenters to share their experiences and discuss ongoing work and research. The event ran from October 27 to 28 at the Solinst Georgetown facility, and centered on 'Enhanced Monitoring and Remedial Methods for Contaminated Groundwater'. This year's speakers came from Universities across Canada and the United States, and included environmental practitioners from remediation and consulting firms.

A prominent theme throughout the Symposium, which was also highlighted in the past two Solinst Symposiums, was the need for high-resolution subsurface data. With case studies and experimental results, the presenters supported the idea that in order to properly characterize, remediate, and assess a contaminated site, there needs to be multiple lines of evidence and an abundance of data. The talks highlighted tools and techniques that can help gain this data, and studies that helped characterize contaminants and assessed the effectiveness of different remediation strategies.

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