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SoundPLAN 7.1 Available Now!


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SoundPLAN is versatile software for engineers responsible for developing and testing noise and air pollution reduction strategies for road, rail and industry projects around the globe. Whether for land use or air purity planning, environmental impact studies or public enquiries, SoundPLAN optimizes your preparation time and maximizes your presentation capabilities. Here are reasons why 5000 users, governments, consultants and researchers, in more than 60 countries, choose SoundPLAN:

It’s Cost Effective

  • All licenses calculate any size job 
  • Cost/benefit analysis tools 
  • Optimization features 
  • Considered one of the fastest noise calculation software

It’s Efficient

  • Designed so you can easily retrace your steps in the future 
  • Display/edit user defined templates at the press of a button 
  • Mesh Maps, Hot Spots and Tiling for speed and accuracy 
  • Distributed Computing and Network System available

It’s Practical

  • Don’t export! Use built in Spreadsheets and Documentation 
  • Features for projects in accordance to EU Noise Directive (END) 
  • Understandable, compelling graphics easily created/edited/combined 
  • Air Pollution Dispersion Modeling in same package

SoundPLAN places the power of a comprehensive noise calculation and air pollution investigation system in your hands. It is fast, meets all major international standards and provides users with an accurate calculation package with superb graphics supporting all levels of customer presentation. It’s available in English, European and Asian languages, and our worldwide distributorship means expert local support.

No wonder SoundPLAN celebrates 25 years as the leader in its field.

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