Sovello Announces Industry-Leading Warranty Based on Nearly Zero Cell Degradation


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New Pure Power SV-L modules also reduce installation costs

DENVER, Oct. 17, 2011 /PR Newswire/ -- Sovello introduces a new performance warranty for its solar modules highlighting its leading technology in using solar cells with nearly zero light-induced degradation and asserting its exceptional quality. The warranty now provides a linear performance guarantee with a starting point of 99 % of the minimum rated power for the first year of operation and, thereafter, an annual degradation not exceeding 0.6 % for the next 24 years. This means that Sovello modules are guaranteed to maintain no less than 85% of their rated power after 25 years in operation. The expanded performance warranty is effective retroactively from October 1, 2011 and valid for all module deliveries from Sovello and Sovello wholesalers worldwide.

Minimal light-induced degradation of Sovello cells, which are based on STRING RIBBON™ wafers, is one of the pillars of this industry-leading warranty. In contrast with conventional ingot-based production processes Sovello uses graphite crucibles for the crystallization of its wafers, which do not add any oxygen to the silicon melt. This means that compared to conventional crystalline cells Sovello solar cells are significantly less prone to the build-up of metal-boron-oxygen compounds and, therefore, carry a much lower risk of light-induced power loss in early operation.

Sovello's second cornerstone, its premium quality 'Made in Germany', is combined with this technological advantage of nearly zero cell degradation to provide solar modules of world-class durability. Every Sovello Pure Power solar module passes 130 quality checks. On top of the above mentioned performance warranty Sovello modules are also backed by a 10-year warranty on workmanship.

To ensure excellent energy yields Sovello modules are covered by highly transparent solar glass with anti-reflective coating. The technological edge of the cells and their innovative interconnection ensure that Sovello modules provide the highest possible output even in low light situations and perform above average under partial shading. Sovello's modules are relatively lightweight and, hence, easy to handle and are suitable for any kind of installation. By producing STRING RIBBON wafers, converting them into cells and assembling them into modules in a fully integrated ISO 9001, 14001 and 16001 certified factory in Germany, Sovello products feature one of the best environmental and carbon footprints in the industry.

Sovello AG is presenting its new solar module 'Pure Power SV-L low voltage' at SPI in Dallas from October 18th to 20th, 2011. Adding around 10 percent module surface area, the SV-L series builds further on the advantages of its predecessor, the X-Series, and helps to reduce balance-of-system costs, notably for larger-scale installations, such as commercial and agricultural roof-top or ground mounted systems 'The SV-L module complements Sovello's product portfolio of high-performance quality modules and solutions which has allowed us to achieve a solid market position.' says Ted Scheidegger, CEO of Sovello AG. The letter L stands for 'large' and 'low voltage'.

'US consumers benefit from a high quality and high energy yield product that is reliable over many decades from a manufacturer that has a long term vision for solar energy,' stated Mark Simmons, COO of ClearEnergy Inc., Sovello's US distribution and solutions partner.


SOURCE ClearEnergy Inc.

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