Specially Formulated Cleaners for Tanks, Instruments, Labware, Mixers and Membranes


Source: International Products Corporation

Burlington, New Jersey, USA -- Burlington, New Jersey, USA: International Products Corporation (IPC) has a full line of powerful cleaning products ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, medical device, laboratory, food and beverage, cosmetic, water recycling, wastewater, textile and chemical industries. IPC's free-rinsing, precision cleaners are effective in a wide variety of cleaning applications. Highly concentrated; an economical 1-2% in water is effective for most applications. Use on metals, ceramics, plastics, filter membranes, glassware, textiles and other surfaces.

IPC cleaners are mild, yet powerful enough to remove the most difficult soils. They are registered with NSF as category USDA A1 cleaners. They can be validated for use in FDA processes.

IPC cleaner advantages:

  • Fast, effective soil removal
  • Green chemistry - low VOCs, solvent free, no phosphates and non-corrosive
  • Free samples available for testing
  • Highly concentrated liquids make them economical and easy-to-use
  • Health and safety test results are available on all products
  • Products available worldwide
  • Sample validation methods available
  • Free technical assistance and material compatibility testing

IPC's line of aqueous cleaners includes: Micro-90#, a multipurpose alkaline cleaner; Micro* Green Clean, a biodegradable cleaner for use in a wide range of cleaning applications; Micro* A07, a citric acid cleaner for removing scale, mineral deposits and inorganic soils; LF2100*, a low-foaming cleaner for automatic washers; Surface-Cleanse/930*, a nonionic detergent for cleaning electronic devices and delicate metals; Zymit* Low-Foam, a synergistic dual-enzyme cleaner for removing starches, gelatin and proteins; Zymit* Pro, an enzyme and surfactant cleaner for breaking down and removing proteinaceous soils.

About International Products Corporation: International Products Corporation (IPC), founded in 1923, manufactures specialty cleaners and temporary assembly lubricants at their ISO 9001-Certified facility in Burlington, NJ. They are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing, packaging, and warehousing equipment, and an on-site laboratory for quality, analytical work, and research and development. IPC is dedicated to providing safe, high-quality cleaners and lubricants. All of IPC's products are made in the USA and are readily available worldwide.

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