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Spring launch for new MetPak II Combined Weather Station


Source: Gill Instruments Limited

April 2010 will see the launch of Gill Instruments’ next generation Combined Weather Station, the MetPak II. Based on the popular MetPak, it has new, improved features including RS232, 422, 485 digital outputs plus additional weather monitoring features such as Barometric pressure and Dew point measurement.

The MetPak II is a compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures a wide range of weather parameters. Gill ultrasonic technology, as used in the proven WindSonic instrument, measures wind speed and direction. Temperature and humidity are measured using industry standard probes housed in a naturally aspirated radiation shield. Barometric pressure is measured within a vented enclosure. A serial data output is provided to interface to industry standard data loggers.

The MetPak II has no moving parts so requires little maintenance, has a robust, proven design and is very easy to install using a rugged U-bolt mounting clamp that attaches to any vertical pipe up to 50mm. Low power consumption enables this weather station to be used in remote locations where power is at a premium.

Gill Instruments are the world leaders in ultrasonic meteorological sensors with more than 20 years experience in the field. For more information on the New MetPak II or any of Gill’s extensive range please visit

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