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SSI Shredding Systems Develops Long-term Solutions for China’s BMEI Co., LTD to Safely Shred and Process Hazardous Waste


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One of China’s largest environmental engineering and research firms, BMEI Co., LTD, has moved forward with their sixth industrial shredding solution f

Wilsonville, Oregon - March 2, 2012 -- SSI Shredding Systems, Inc., has received its sixth order from BMEI Co., LTD (formerly Beijing Machinery & Electricity Institute) for an industrial shredding solution to be used within BMEI’s hazardous waste processing systems. BMEI Co., LTD is one of China’s largest engineering firms specializing in environmental protection technology research and product manufacturing for treatment, incineration, and disposal of hazardous waste. What began as a single custom shredder design has evolved into a standard piece of equipment for BMEI’s hazardous waste systems installed throughout China.

In May 2010, at a waste industry tradeshow in Shanghai, representatives from BMEI and U.S. based SSI Shredding Systems met for the first time and opened a conversation about some of the challenges BMEI faced with their hazardous waste processing systems. At the time, BMEI was looking for ways to improve the floor layout of new waste disposal systems, a new platform design, a more functional in-feed and discharge system and a solution to the threat of fire and explosions from processing hazardous waste. Over the next several months, both companies worked together to evaluate BMEI’s systems and discover where improvements could be made. In September 2010, SSI began implementation of the first of many new shredding solutions for BMEI.

Using infrared sensors and hydraulic fire gate separators, the new industrial shredder system provides effective ways to detect, suppress and protect against fire and explosions. In addition, SSI engineers successfully designed new working solutions to BMEI’s system floor layout, platforms and in-feed and discharge systems.

“Our entire team worked very closely with BMEI to assess and understand their needs. We are delighted to have successfully achieved the results BMEI expected and provide them with a long-term, consistent solution.” said Ruby Zhang, SSI Sales Executive for China.Proper disposal of hazardous waste is one of the most challenging applications a municipality or waste management organization will face. As the population in China continues to grow, so does the demand for safe disposal of hazardous waste in the country. With 70% of all hazardous waste facilities in China currently using BMEI’s technology or systems, it’s no doubt that their ongoing working relationship with SSI Shredding Systems will continue to grow as well.


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