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Stag Energy Services Responds to Fracking Concerns With Hope for Development


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In Response to the Increased Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques Adopted by Natural Gas Drilling Companies, Many Have Raised Concerns About the Potential of Water Contamination; In an Effort to Promote Environmental Wellness, Stag Energy Services Notes That These Issues Can Be Repaired

HOUSTON, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 12/12/12 -- Although the recent boon of natural gas obtained through hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, techniques has caused an overwhelming sense of relief to the American public in terms of economics and sustainability, some fear that the process could contaminate local water supplies. A recent article from The New York Times highlights these concerns and states, 'The process uses huge amounts of water, and environmentalists, landowners and others worry that drinking-water supplies could be contaminated.' As a company that assists with all areas of oil and gas construction needs, Stag Energy Services explains that it is necessary for energy companies to make sure that these pollution concerns are addressed.

To specify the source of potential contamination, Stag Energy Services explains that many gas companies will add chemicals to water to kill bacteria found within the energy resource. While this part of the process is crucial, excess contaminated water could pose a potential threat to nearby communities. However, according to the article, many of these issues have already been addressed by companies spearheading efforts to clean water runoff created through hydraulic fracturing. The New York Times highlights the efforts of Ecosphere Technologies which 'uses ozone as a disinfectant to clean water in a process called advanced oxidation. The treatment, which does not use chemicals, can both eliminate the chemicals typically used for bacteria control and scale inhibition during fracking and recycle 100 percent of the water.

To date, Ecosphere 'has cleaned more than two billion gallons of water and eliminated the need for more than 1.7 million gallons of chemicals at approximately 600 oil and natural gas wells in U.S. shale fields since 2008.' James Mann, Operations Manager of Stag Energy Services applauds this work and explains, 'As hydraulic fracturing is a relatively new method of acquiring valued resources, it is clear that every professional needs to operate with an aim to protect the environment.'

However, Mann explains that Stag Energy Services is committed to helping others realize the economic and political benefits associated with fracking. He concludes, 'Stag Energy Services is committed to helping leaders in the energy industry obtain the best resources for well construction. Stag Energy Services will stand behind such efforts, as the energy industry as a whole discovers and develops wider solutions to prevent water contamination.


Stag Energy Services is a company dedicated to provide a comprehensive suite of services to oil companies throughout the United States. Under the direction of Operations Manager James Mann the company benefits from his years of natural gas and oil experience. The firm is devoted to the highest standards of quality and of service in all of its offerings, which include site construction, equipment rental and repair, well maintenance, the provision of trained contract personnel, and more. Stag Energy Services' client list includes some of the most prestigious and prolific oil companies in the entire United States.

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