Stantec Receives Award of Excellence for Low Level Road


Source: Nilex

Stantec received further recognition for their Low Level Road Project after winning the Award of Excellence at the 2016 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards. Nilex was proud to supply them with the SierraScape Wire-Formed Retaining Wall System and the Sierra Slope Retention System as economical and aesthetic alternatives to other concrete panel or wire wall systems for this project. 

The following Award of Excellence feature was published in the Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine (October/November 2016 issue): 

The project involved the realignment and elevation of approximately 2.6 kilometres of the Low Level Road in North Vancouver, B.C. The road parallels rail tracks along the north shore of the Burrard Inlet.

With international trade continuing to grow, the project was carried out to enhance rail and port operations. It was also designed to address long-standing community safety concerns and traffic congestion challenges in the area. Stantec was the principal consultant. 

The work added space for two new CN mainline tracks that can accommodate 3,650-m (12,000-ft.) long trains. It also included the elimination of three existing road and rail crossings, and the provision of direct access to the port terminals. In addition, the engineers reconfigured three intersections and improved lanes for cyclists. Another component was an extension of the Spirit Trail pedestrian walkway.

“The engineers brought harmony to a project that had multi-faceted conflicting and complex needs. It involved changes to 2.5 kilometres of roads and included the replacement of three at-grade rail crossings with new vehicle overpasses. Pedestrian and cycle trails and bridges, street lighting, and the relocation of utilities were involved.”

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