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Started with the production of our New Vertical Shredder T6000


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Recent period, our engineers have been tremendously busy with new developments. We have developed a complete new plant:

Namely: VERTICAL SHREDDER T-REX in four different models, 1500, 2500, 3500, and 6000. This system is particularly suitable for processing Scrap metals, electronic scrap, contaminated plastics etc.

The plants are available from 90kW, tilll  440kW motors! And capacities range from 1.5 t / h to  15 t / h. At this moment we building a Vertical shredding T-REX 6000 line, we expected to have this in operation, latest September 2014

After the shreddering, we still offer additional options to get a fantastic end product
Namely: Extraction System (for extracting dust and small particles), magnet (Overbelt Magnet or Drum Magnet, so you get the separation between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)

We can supply the Vertical Shredder, as well the accessories.
Infeed Belt, Discharge Belt, exhaust systems, magnets, vibrating feeders, etc.

For questions, please contact our office: 0031-529-408170 or by email:

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