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Sterilis Wins 2017 Top Product of the Year Award for Green Medical Waste Disposal Device by Environmental Leader


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Sterilis On-Site, On-Demand Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Device Recognized for Ability to More Safely and Sustainably Treat Infectious Medical Waste

BOXBOROUGH, MA and DENVER, CO, June 7, 2017 -- Sterilis LLC, the innovator in regulated medical waste management, is proud to announce that its innovative device for safe, sustainable remediation of regulated medical waste (RMW) on-site and at-point-of-care has been awarded an Environmental Leader 2017 Top Product of the Year Award. Sterilis President Jeff Bell accepted the award on June 6th at the Environmental Leadership Conference awards dinner in Denver, Colorado.

The Sterilis device is a safer, more sustainable, and proven alternative to the decades-old method of hauling dangerous regulated medical waste (also known as infectious waste) off-site by truck to be incinerated. Sterilis’ device uses steam sterilization and grinding technologies to transform infectious waste into a harmless confetti-like material, which can be disposed of in the general waste stream. The Sterilis method of disposal eliminates toxic air pollution created when RMW is incinerated, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

“We created the Sterilis device to address a burning need for more sustainable and safer disposal of medical waste, and we are honored to see our efforts recognized by Environmental Leader,” said Jeff Bell, founder, president, chief financial officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Sterilis. “The Sterilis method for infectious waste disposal disrupts the RMW industry by allowing facilities to safely remediate waste on-site and at point-of-care using steam sterilization and grinding technologies, which reduces the waste volume by about 80%. Not only does this create a smaller waste footprint, but it protects the environment by preventing the need for waste incineration, which has been cited by the EPA as a major contributor to climate change.”

Launched earlier this year, Sterilis is already being used by over 40 health facilities to reduce their dependence on the haul and burn method of waste disposal and improve sustainability. The patented system is about the size of an office photocopier and is completely portable. It plugs into a standard electrical outlet and requires no plumbing or drainage. Early adopters of the device include dialysis centers, surgery centers, dermatology and ophthalmology centers, hospitals, clinical labs, needle-exchange programs, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), among others.

According to the judges, “This product is very innovative and solves a couple of issues uniquely and reduces waste stream volume and handling issues. The ability to reduce the volume and danger earlier in the medical waste life-cycle impact all downstream handling issues and costs.... by reducing the waste, hauling cost, and carbon emissions.”

  • The Sterilis device is a proven method of safely disposing of harmful regulated medical waste. A few key benefits also include: Improved hospital and waste worker safety by limiting multiple touch points associated with current waste disposal methods.
  • Substantially decreases the cradle-to-grave liability held by hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities when medical waste is sent by truck to be remediated by treating infectious waste on site and at point-of-generation.
  • Eliminates unnecessary paper documents currently needed with the current “haul and burn” approach through IoT-enabled software that automatically tracks and stores all required regulatory data in the cloud, where it can be accessed and monitored at any time.

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About Sterilis
Sterilis LLC has developed a patented technology that converts regulated medical waste into harmless, confetti-like material that can be thrown out with the regular trash. Sterilis devices are American-made in Springfield, Massachusetts and are in use at customer sites in healthcare, public safety (fire and police departments) and aviation. Sterilis devices provide ease of use, safety, convenience, environmental sustainability and cost saving benefits, all in one device. The company is privately-held and headquartered in Boxborough, Mass.

Sterilis Wins 2017 Top Product of the Year Award for Green Medical Waste Disposal Device by Environmental Leader


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