Stockholm International Water Institute

Stockholm Water Front No 4 2015


In this issue of WaterFront, we try to show that there is no blanket solution to the world’s water crises. There is no single correct answer. There are thousands of them. The water challenges facing us, whether they result from climate change, population growth, increased demand or mismanagement, must be met with both global and local solutions, both high-tech and low-tech innovations. A huge industrial investment or a major policy shift cannot alone change our water future, and neither can the local efforts of a group of farmers. But if we combine all this hard work and great ideas, we will be able to change the world.

Regardless of how an initiative starts, it can end up having an enormous impact on very many people. This is clearly exemplified by this year’s Stockholm Water Prize Laureate, Rajendra Singh, and his work in rural India.

In this issue, don’t miss the stories where we have interviewed farmers in Ivory Coast and Philippines about the challenges they face and the solutions they are working on. We list the best and worst possible outcomes of COP21. We discuss whether desalination may be the solution to California’s water problems. We visit a water film festival in India, and finally, in the Last Word, water work is likened to the job of an astronaut… Happy reading!

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