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Summer Allergens & Indoor Air Quality Issues in Texas the Cause of many Allergic Reactions


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Indoor Environmental Consultants (IEC) identifies airborne allergens & irritants in commercial and residential properties to help allergy sufferers.

Austin, TX, August 17th, 2015 -- Many Texans associate allergies with spring, but allergies can be a problem for people any month of the year and the summer season is no exception. Summer allergies can be caused by seasonal outdoor culprits or due to the presence of indoor allergens. 


Two of the most common causes of summer allergies are due to the presence of pollen and mold. Depending on where a person lives in Texas, they will be exposed to a variety of different pollens.  Generally speaking, trees pollinate during the spring, but grasses and weeds can still cause pollen allergies throughout the summer months.  Elevated levels of airborne mold spores are also a common occurrence during the summer months.  Warm and moist conditions can be conducive for elevated mold spore counts which can be an issue for people working or enjoying the outdoors. 


“These same spores can also make their way indoors through open windows, doors, HVAC system air intakes, and even on people’s clothes, hair, and on their pets,” said Hollis L. Horner, President, Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc.  “People that are allergic to mold should inspect their home, school, or work environment for any signs of its presence or moisture damage.  Mold can grow quickly on many materials used to build and furnish both residential and commercial properties when temperatures are warm and moisture is present.  In fact, any part of a building that has suffered water damage or elevated humidity levels is a likely source of indoor mold.  Even mold growing in a crawl space, basement, attic, or in a wall cavity, can cause indoor air quality problems. Dust mites are another common indoor allergen during the summer months.  Similar to mold, these tiny creatures thrive during this time of year with its warm and humid conditions.”


The building science and indoor air quality experts at IEC offer testing, inspection, and consulting services to identify a wide range of indoor allergens, irritants, pollutants, and to locate their sources. If air sampling identifies an issue, IEC can help develop solutions so that the problem can be addressed to eliminate or minimize exposure risks for allergy sufferers.


IEC recently sponsored an educational video about summer allergies that can be seen at:


To learn more about IEC’s allergen and indoor air quality (IAQ) testing and consulting services, please visit, email or call (877) 432-8378.


About Indoor Environmental Consultants, Inc.

IEC began operations in 2001 with some of the nation’s most seasoned professional indoor air quality consultants who already had over 70 years of combined experience.  The indoor environmental quality firm specializes in field investigations and assessments of commercial, institutional and residential buildings.  Their services, related to fungal (mold), chemical, bacterial, asbestos and particulate pollutants, are offered throughout Texas, the Gulf Coast and the Southwest. IEC is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a mold assessment company (ACO0114) and an asbestos consultant agency (100329).

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