Summer school: Application of geostatistics to agriculture


Source: Geovariances

The Agricultural Research Council (CRA) and the Italian Society for Agronomy (SIA) organize a summer school on application of geostatistics to agriculture, with the sponsorship of the European Society for Agronomy (ESA) and the scientific societies operating within the Agriculture science.

The proposed summer school aims at updating current knowledge about the application of Geostatistics. After the basic elements for approaching the geostatistics, the course will focus on the environment and agriculture.

The school emphasis is on the formation of young researchers and doctoral students who will be able to investigate the agriculture sustainability by using an integrated approach. To this end, the school will bring together guest speakers who are highly qualified and selected for their experience in statistics applied to a spatial scale.

The final objective of the school is to set the ground to form experts on precision farming. The participants will take a final exam (multiple choice test).

Application must be sent before 22 August 2011. The number of places available is 30.

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