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SunFilter 1 Sequesters More CO2 and Grows Algae on Food Industry Waste


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W2 Energy, Inc., a clean energy company (Pinksheets:WTWO), is pleased to announce that SunFilter 1 has been sinking carbon dioxide at 2-3 times faster since it was filled with the Euglena Gracilis strain of algae on March 1. 

SunFilter 1 will be able to sink more carbon dioxide and generate highly valuable carbon offset credits at less than half the price as before.

SunFilter 1 is also proving out the concept of using the SunFilter to remediate not just carbon dioxide but also waste. As of April 8, W2 engineers have been introducing biodigestor liquid disgestate (BLD) as an additional food source for the algae.

BLD is a nutrient-rich substance produced by anaerobic digestion and is a common food industry byproduct. It contains high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which makes it difficult and expensive to dispose of via conventional means. The Euglena Gracilis algae are easily digesting all of these elements.

'SunFilter 1 is proving out several concepts at once,' says Mike McLaren, President and CEO of W2 Energy. 'It is demonstrating cost-effective sequestration of carbon gases and liquid waste, all in one machine. We are thrilled.'

W2 Energy trades in the United States on the OTC market under the symbol 'WTWO.' For further information, please contact Mike McLaren at (519) 341 4776 or go to www.w2energy.com

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W2 Energy, Inc.

SOURCE W2 Energy, Inc.

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