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Survalent Announces SCADA Deployment by BARC Electric Cooperative


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December 1, 2016 -- Survalent Technology, a leading provider of ADMS systems, announced that their Survalent ONETM supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) was recently implemented by BARC Electric Cooperative (BARC).

BARC Electric, founded in 1938, serves more than 13,000 members in the Bath, Allegheny, Rockbridge, Highland, and Augusta counties in the state of Virginia. The new SCADA system provides BARC with a standardized Windows platform designed to support a growing utility. Its dual redundant SCADA configuration is designed to add resilience to the utility’s energy distribution system, contributing to increased power reliability and customer satisfaction.

Survalent ONETM includes the SmartVU interface, WebSurv, SurvCentral, and Control Panel applications to help optimize visualization of system data and allow easy access to real-time information in control room and mobile environments. The Replicator application and Multispeak interface help share data between enterprise applications.

“BARC is a progressive utility that’s creating a smarter electrical grid, leveraging a significant ongoing investment in a high speed fibre broadband network,” said Steve Strauss, Regional Vice President at Survalent. “With Survalent ONETM SCADA, they gain increased operational control, which contributes to more reliable power, and a higher level of customer service. We are pleased to welcome BARC into our family of customers in the Virginia area.” 


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