Survey of Methomyl in China


Production and Market of methomyl in China is CCM's second report edition on the Chinese methomyl industry, completed in May 2013. This intelligent report attaches importance to the following parts:

  • Production summary of methomyl (capacity, output and key manufacturers) in China during 2008-2012
  • Price of methomyl during 2008-2012 and export of chlorothalonil during 2011-2012
  • Forecast on the Chinese chlorothalonil industry from 2013 to 2017 

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Table of Contents

Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

1 Overview of methomyl industry 
1.1 Brief introduction to pesticide industry 
1.2 Overview of China’s insecticide industry 
1.3 Position of methomyl in Chinese insecticide industry

2 Brief introduction to production technology of methomyl

3 Registration situation of methomyl in China

4 Supply of methomyl 
4.1 Summary of methomyl technical production 
4.2 Key manufacturers of methomyl technical

5 Circulation situation of methomyl 
5.1 Export situation of methomyl, 2011-2012 
5.2 Pricing of methomyl

6 Demand for methomyl

7 Forecast on methomyl industry

List of Tables

Table 1.1-1 Registration number of pesticide formulations by specification, in April 2013
Table 1.1-2 Output structure of pesticides by volume (calculated by 100% technical) in China, 1986-2012 ('000 tonne)
Table 1.1-3 Consumption volume (by technical) of pesticides in China, 2006-2012, tonne
Table 1.1-4 Import and export of pesticides in China, 2009-2012
Table 1.3-1 Output and consumption share of methomyl in insecticide industry in China, 2008-2012
Table 2-1 Raw materials unit consumption of methomyl technical in China, 2012
Table 3-1 Active registrations of methomyl in China, as of April 2013
Table 3-2 Active registrations of methomyl technical in China, as of April 2013
Table 3-3 Active registrations of methomyl formulations in China, as of April 2013
Table 4.2-1 Production status and information of methomyl technical producers in China, as of April 2013
Table 4.2-2 Capacity and output of main methomyl technical producers in China, 2008-2012, capacity: t/a, output: tonne
Table 5.1-1 Export of methomyl by month, 2012

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