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Sustainable waste gas treatment using a combination of ozone-based advanced oxidation process and a wet scrubber


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GLAN CONWY, NORTH WALES -- ESCO International supplied an advanced oxidation system (AOP) to treat an industrial gas effluent in a refinery plant

Both the public and local regulatory authorities are highly sensitive to odour nuisance.

Odour problems originate from the use of chemicals and solvents in industries such as foundries, electronics, chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals but also from sewage treatment plants, food production, tanning, animal rendering. 

Advanced oxidation processes are cost effective in destroying organic and inorganic odour-causing chemicals. Ozone-based advanced oxidation can successfully replace air pollution control processes based on chemicals such as hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and others. 

ESCO INTERNATIONAL; experts in solving water and gas effluent problems have designed and supplied a pollution control system for a refinery based in China.

The challenge required the treatment of a 200 m3/h waste gas stream containing 2000ppm of THC as methane and 1000ppm mercaptans including H2S.

The supplied process uses a combination of an absorption tower and an engineered ozone based advanced oxidation system, resulting in very high contaminants removal efficiency in the waste gas, a significant reduction in water intake and discharge and maximum water reuse. 

The final solution resulted in many benefits for the refinery such as reuse of the scrubbing water, significant reduction in water intake and discharge, total elimination of potential discharge violations, reduced service, maintenance and running costs, high reliability, compact footprint and allowing the company to take a big step in the direction of an environmentally friendly, economical and more sustainable future.

ESCO International supplied a number of similar AOP systems for the treatment of contaminated waste gases containing Mercaptans, BTEX, H2S, VOCs, DMS, DMSO and alcohols, etc.

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