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Swarf shredder reduces storage volume by up to 92 percent


Source: Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH

Shredders remove oil and lubricant residues from swarf, thereby increasing its resale value

“The most powerful locally attached compact shredder from Erdwich can process up to 300kg of swarf per hour. The cutter, which can have one, two, or three spindles, depending on the model and application scenario, collects the chippings and cuts them down until the desired size is reached. It then falls through the sieve positioned beneath the shredder into the container. “Our machines are very compact and can even be installed where there isn’t much space,” says the sales head, Jürgen Graf. The cutting blades in the single-spindle cutters employ overcut, which means that the material in the cutter is distributed evenly and no swarf winds itself around the cutting rotor.


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