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`Synergy may save environmental policy-making`


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In order to create efficient environmental legislation, synergy effects and a life-cycle approach should be used in policy-making, according to a new report on WEEE, RoHS and the Ecodesign directive.

In a new report, carried out by scientists at Lund university on behalf of the European Environment Bureau, the synergy effects are investigated between RoHS, WEEE and the Ecodesign directives.

The Ecodesign (or EuP), RoHS and WEEE directives should, in the best of worlds, be
used in synergy in order to promote life-cycle thinking in a clear and consistent way.

Confusion is the current state of matter
Current policy approaches may create confusion, and make actors adopt a “passing the buck” strategy, the authors of the study claim. Without a life-cycle approach, the policy makers risk creating fragmented and useless policies.

Designing greener electronic products: building synergies between EU product policy instruments or simply passing the buck?

Published by the European Environment Bureau.

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