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System monitors for drinking water contamination on-line and in real time


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INTRODUCING WISE® Water Infrastructure Sensing Equipment

On-line, real-time, chemical and biological water contamination detection  

Drinking water systems are vulnerable to chemical spills, pollution, natural and man-made disasters, and acts of terrorism.  Until WISE™, there has never been a single, integrated system capable of detecting and reporting biological and chemical contamination events, in real-time and online.

Using conventional methods, water testing is performed manually with samples being drawn and analyzed in a laboratory. If  there is a contamination event, it may go unnoticed for days, while the contaminated water is being consumed.

When a chemical or biological anomaly is detected by WISE®, it responds within seconds:

  1. By  automatically transmitting  alarm data via email to any number of recipients
  2. Drawing a sample of the water for further analysis
  3. Shutting down or bypassing the source of contaminated water (optional)

Key characteristics of a system include:

  • Compact unit integration suitable for remote, unattended operation
  • The ability to reliably identify chemical and biological anomalies in real time
  • 24/7, minute to minute baseline water quality and a constant measurement of system bio-burden
  • Communication of alert data via email, LAN or SCADA in real-time
  • Self maintaining – automatic sensor refreshing
  • Ability to automatically draw water samples upon alert for further analysis and verification
  • Low maintenance and life cycle costs

WISE® integrates standard industry sensors with a proprietary biological identification system[1], and with it’s on-board computer and software, analyzes, in real time, both general water quality parameters and the presence of chemical and bacterial contaminants.

Applications include municipal water supplies, hotels/ resort water systems, gated communities, VIP protection, cruise lines water systems, government facilities and process control.

ECSI international, Inc. is a global leader in perimeter security and a quality provider to the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, nuclear power stations, and other large commercial and industrial complexes. The Company designs, manufactures and markets physical electronic security systems for high profile, high threat environments utilizing risk assessment and analysis to determine and address the security needs of its customers. Teaming agreements with major system integrators enable ECSI to support the installation and aftermarket of its products in the U.S. and overseas.

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