Take Soil & Liquid Measurements with a Dyacon Stainless Steel Thermistor Probe

Source: Dyacon, Inc.

Soil temperature is critical when it comes to planting seeds or seedlings, as it largely determines seed germination and root growth. The Dyacon stainless steel thermistor probe (TSSP-1) is a robust, waterproof package, making it highly versatile in tracking temperature data of a variety of mediums, whether soil, liquid, and/or surface.

The sensing element of Dyacon TSSP-1 thermistor probe is contained within a swaged stainless steel probe, meaning that a stainless steel enclosure is crimped around the cable. The swaged enclosure increases cable strain relief, improves sensor sealing, and prevents the potted sensor from coming loose even after thousands of freeze-thaw cycles. The compact probe is filled with thermally conductive epoxy around a double-potted sensor element. The small size, steel enclosure, and potted cavity ensure more rapid response to temperature changes than plastic housings or larger probes. The swaged construction is unique in the industry and creates an extremely durable assembly for cyclical temperature or high vibration environments.

Designed to still work in extreme conditions, the thermistor can be used for continuous cyclic operation at -40°C to 105°C (-40°F to 221°F) and is interchangeable to within +/- 0.10°C. This interchangeability facilitates probe replacement by the user without further calibration. What’s more, a long (6 meter) cable is included with the thermistor probe to minimize the need for cuts and splices.  

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