Tana launches a smart drum screen


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Tana widens it's product range of waste compactors, chippers and shredders with a smart drum screen. The smart drum screen can be digitally connected to other machines on site to monitor and optimise process.

TANA 6Deco drum screen is equipped with scales to measure coarse grain and fine grain tonnages in real time. In addition to the information about fuel consumption, machine up-time, labour cost, price of the end product etc. the Smart Site enables to analyse and streamline the entire work process and it´s profitability. In addition to the TANA drum screen for example a shredder, wheel loader and other machinery can be linked to TANA Smart Site to enhance machinery co-operation and to have a total control of all operations on site, even remotely via Internet.

TANA Smart Site has been developed in co-operation with customers and new features have received extremely positive feedback. Several UK contractors have been using TANA Smart Site system during the last 18 months.:

“Smart Site reports include exactly the right information. They are easy to read and provide a good summary of the operation”, says Oliver Dymott from Robert Hopkins Environmental Services.

“TANA Smart Site is definitely useful. Morning report helps with driving production up on daily basis”, says Robert Chirnside from Chadwicks Recycling.

Reliability, capacity and innovation with TANA 6Deco drum screen

Tana has extensive experience in the design and production of mobile waste treatment machinery. Drum screen is a logical expansion of the product portofolio and it provides customers a possibility to have all machinery from one manufacturer, which helps maintenance and operator training for example.

Tana's new drum screen is mechanically simple with just two hydraulic pumps, fully hydrostatic transmission, all electronic switches and control system that enables preventative maintenance. It also has a huge capacity with 5.5 metres long and 2.2 metres diameter drum, which is easily replaceable.

TANA 6Deco drum screen is easy to operate using electronic control panel with a colour screen. Preset parameters can be saved in the system making it easy to change the screened material and to familiarise new operators. Servicing is easy with good access to maintenance areas and maintenance kits available. Roadworthiness standard (approval pending) makes it easy to move the machine from operating site to another.

TANA 6Deco drum screen will be showcased at RWM exhibition in Birmingham on 15th - 17th September at the outside area at Warwick Ward’s stand number OA110.

Tana Ltd. / importer in UK and Ireland Warwick Ward Ltd.

Finnish Tana Oy (Ltd) produces machines and devices that are meant for managing solid waste mechanically. Tana products include landfill compactors, slow speed shredders and fast speed chippers, and they are manufactured in Finland.

We are an efficient and streamlined high-growth enterprise that functions on global networks. We have local representatives in approximately 30 countries and in the previous accounting period we had a 25 % growth in our net revenue.

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