TANA Shark attacks ragger wire in France


Source: Tana Oy

To process a stock of strands coming from the paper industry, the Suez RV Grand-Ouest plant situated at Isigny-le-Buat, France was looking for a slow, robust and efficient shredder. Tana's dealer in the area Smart Equipmenttogether with Smet Rental provided them with the right solution: TANA Shark 440DT.

The plant has previously processed electrical cables and has three fast speed shredders in a chain from this time. Nowadays they prepare SRF with a strict requirement of meing 0/40mm in particle size. 'The past two years the plant has been receiving a lot of paper industry waste to process, but has not had an efficient way to handle the material, so it has piled at the site', explains Patrick Moreau, director of the plant.

Testing the TANA Shark via a rental period from Smet Rental

'The rental formula is a good option for companies who want to test the equipment,' says Lieven Cottenie, head of the French market for Smet Rental. The test was successful and the plant operators very very happy with the shredder and the end product.

'With a processing rate of 5 t / h of these very difficult materials to shred, we are really satisfied with the performance of this machine. It will allow us to process our entire stock of strands', says Patrick Moreau, the director of Suez RV Grand-Ouest.

Metal scrap is extracted from the shredded waste and separated during the process, resulting in pure end product. The customer also experimented with shredding other material, courtesy of the easy setup for different materials of the TANA Shark. 'This shredder is truly robust and does not require much maintenance. We also appreciate its versatility', continues Patrick Moreau.

The story originally featured in a longer form in the magazine 'Mat Environnement' in French.

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