Tana Success at Entsorga Exhibition


Source: Tana Oy

Tana had a successful week at the Entsorga exhibition in Cologne. The visually attractive and well-balanced stand became a focus point for customers from all over the world with the Tana Shark 220D shredder as centerpiece.

The international visitors were pleased to hear that some of the latest innovations have already been implented to serve shredder customers. Tana has gained remarkable advantage compared to other shredder producers in remote management of its machinery and the Pro Track reporting system that also enables accurate and on-site trouble-shooting through a wireless internet connection.

Tana enhances its global dealer network and the annual get-togethers are important events for sharing experiences and latest product news. This year main focus was on the multitude of applications available on the Tana Shark slow-speed shredders and the Pro Track remote management system.


Tana 220D slow-speed shredder on display at Entsorga 2009 exhibition

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