Tana technologies cut waste handling costs


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– the latest innovations presented at IFAT Entsorga

Tana will introduce advanced waste handling machines with integrated service tools for shredding, chipping and landfill compacting at IFAT Entsorga, in Munich on 7–11 May 2012. The key benefits of Tana technologies are maximum uptime and optimisation of machine usage, which together cut operating costs by as much as 30%, enhancing the business of waste management entrepreneurs.

Tana helps waste management professionals to get more value out of waste. This is possible with the robust engineering of machines and innovative service tools like TANA ProTrack, TANA ProLoc and the new dynamic weight measurement application. They enable the optimisation of machine usage by providing real time information about the operations, such as fuel consumption, uptime details and fault codes.

“The inbuilt intelligence of our waste shredders, chippers and landfill compactors provides real savings and enables profitability and growth for the leaders in the waste management business,” says Kari Kangas, President & CEO of Tana. “We intend to be an integral part of the value increase of the waste handling business on the global scale. This is backed up with our innovation track record since 1971,” he continues.

Cost cutting and flexibility improve the shredding business

Fuel costs constitute up to 42% of the total lifecycle costs of a typical waste shredder. As different waste types – tyres, wood, plastics and MSW – are usually shredded with the same process of a pre-shredder, screen and secondary shredder, the fuel and other operating costs are not really optimised. This applies especially to small particle sizes of 50–200 mm.

The TANA Shark waste shredder enables production of small, even-sized particles with only one machine and in one run. This alone results in substantial fuel savings, but further savings can be achieved by fine-tuning the whole shredding process. The optimisation of engine power, the number of counter knives, the size of rotor screens and the conveyor speed cuts operating costs by up to 30%.

The flexibility of TANA Shark enables waste handling entrepreneurs to match their customers’ needs and shred more demanding materials while ensuring a higher quality end product. Consequently, the return on the machine investment is achieved within a reasonable time frame and creates a solid foundation for competitive business growth.

Real time information optimises the waste handling process

Designed to offer real time operating data, such as fuel consumption, fault codes, uptime information and capacity statistics, TANA ProTrack improves the uptime and efficiency of the waste handling process. The advantages include detailed online reports on operating hours and costs, shredded waste fraction tons as well as remote troubleshooting and details of service needs. TANA ProTrack can be included in all Tana waste management machines, from shredders to landfill compactors and chippers.

The new dynamic weight measurement application improves the waste shredding economy further. It transfers the weight details of the shredded materials on TANA Shark’s conveyor automatically to TANA ProTrack.

The TANA ProLoc application can be included in all Tana landfill compactors. It optimises the landfill compaction by providing information on, for example, filled air-space during a time period and waste density measurement.

New chipping power enhances bioenergy chip production

The new TANA BioChipper delivers the most homogenous particles on the market with a low ratio of fine aggregates. It suits any mobile platform and provides a maximum capacity 280 m3/h. Furthermore, TANA BioChipper is easy to maintain, it has excellent ergonomics and, thanks to its robust engineering, it operates reliably. When combined with the intelligent TANA ProTrack and TANA Control System, the chipping process becomes transparent and undisturbed as operating glitches can be eliminated. 

Improving landfill compaction results requires a trouble-free compactor  

Tana provides the only purpose-built landfill compactors on the market with a 40-year track record in technology development. The innovative TANA E Series landfill compactors are the most recent results of this work. They provide new features to increase effectiveness and cost-efficiency in the compaction business.

The compaction rate can be enhanced up to 28% by fewer passes, simplified maintenance and easier machine maintenance. A smooth and dense landfill surface can be achieved with up to 40% less cover material, and by using the integrated TANA ProTrack application operating efficiency can be improved further. The TANA E Series landfill compactors are available in 26-, 32-, 38-, 45- and 52-ton models.

Tana is at IFAT Entsorga, Munich, on 7–11 May 2012, in Hall C1, booth 314.


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