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Deep Trekker™ is set to showcase the new tank cleaning robot, the DT640 Utility Crawler, at AWWA ACE 2017 in Philadelphia – including the award-winning DT340 Pipe Crawler and underwater drones.

As the Deep Trekker team gets ready to exhibit at the AWWA Annual Conference and Expo (ACE) in Philadelphia (be sure to come and visit us at stand 3136!), our focus turns towards municipalities and contractors.

With an increasing demand for cost-effective and reliable alternatives, let’s look at how municipalities are utilizing Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), or underater drone, in their day-to-day inspections.

Underwater Drones and Pipe Crawlers Systems to Inspect & Maintain Infrastructure

Deep Trekker ROVs and Pipe Crawlers are the go-to tool for municipalities and contractors to inspect their water systems. Inspection and maintenance are a requirement of ensuring that our cities water systems run safely and efficiently. From wastewater to stormwater, treatment facilities to drinking water; Deep Trekker’s inspection vehicles are designed to deploy quickly and from any location, keeping operators safe and providing a cost effective alternative to municipalities.

For instance, the DT340 Pipe Crawler has been widely adopted for sewer inspections, without the requirement of a dedicated operation truck. The DT340 Pipe Crawler is simple to deploy, and provides clear imagery of the internal pipe systems, integral information in order to plan future maintenance work, and to proactively identify areas of risk before a disaster occurs.

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