TargetSolutions Makes Key Updates to Two NFPA 1001 Training Courses


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TargetSolutions has recently updated the content and multimedia of two NFPA 1001 training courses that cover various aspects of fire safety.

In an ongoing effort to provide the most engaging online training experience possible, TargetSolutions has completed major revisions to a pair of NFPA 1001 training courses: Fire Behavior and Firefighter PPE. Now presented in an interactive multimedia format with a complete voiceover narration track, these two courses explore the fundamentals of fire safety training as they relate to fire behavior and personal protective equipment for firefighters.

Objectives of Fire Behavior include:

  • Recognize the methods of heat transfer
  • Define flash point and fire point
  • Identify the physical states of matter in which fuels are found
  • Describe the four stages of fire development

Objectives of Firefighter PPE include:

  • Fit tests and firefighter responsibilities
  • Wildland and HAZMAT gear
  • SCBA and other types of breathing apparatuses
  • Care and maintenance of PPE

The NFPA 1001 training courses, Fire Behavior and Firefighter PPE, follow a trend of dynamic lesson releases that are written to the NFPA standard. Recently, TargetSolutions launched a bundle of courses written to the NFPA 1410 and 1041 standards that explore firefighter evolutions and firefighter instructor training.

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