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TauTheta Instruments LLC Announces New Stable Optical Oxygen Product Family


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FORT COLLINS/BOULDER, COLORADO, USA — TauTheta Instruments LLC announces the launch of the new Stable Optical Oxygen System and the OEM optical oxygen component solutions designed to accurately and reliably measure oxygen in gases and liquids. The flexible RuggedO2™ oxygen sensors are lifetime based luminescent oxygen sensors specially developed to optimize performance and stability while minimizing maintenance and calibration associated with traditional polarographic and galvanic oxygen monitoring technologies. The TauTheta optical oxygen products provide temperature compensated oxygen measurements using low-power consumption technology that incorporates digital inputs and digital and analog outputs. TauTheta OEM optical oxygen solutions allow for flexible and easy integration of the optical oxygen sensing technology into custom applications.

'The release of our new flagship product provides our end-users and OEM customers a new level of optical oxygen monitoring improvements made possible by our exclusive RuggedO2™ oxygen sensor technology,' said TauTheta President, Alan Baron. 'This new  product offering is a flexible extension of our proven RuggedO2™ optical oxygen sensors in a compact housing with unparalleled stability, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness.'

TauTheta's optical sensing technologies have a diverse customer base in bioprocess control, cell culture monitoring, food and beverage processing, enzyme and drug screening, water quality analysis and packaging QA/QC markets.

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