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TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor at NAPEC 2017


Autochim, our French distributor, will show the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor at the 7th North Africa Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (NAPEC). This year's exhibition will be held March 21–24 at the Convention Center of Oran, Algeria. In addition to the TD-120, Autochim will be showing other analyzers and monitors from Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments and displaying product literature.

To see the TD-120, visit the Autochim booth. The TD-120 is a perfect solution for leak detection in boiler feed, cooling water, and raw water intake.

AUTOCHIM is a french leader in analysis and gas detection for different applications.

  • Toxic gas detection
  • Emission analyzers
  • Solvents measurement
  • Industrial waste water monitoring
  • Combustion control

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