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Tecam Group to Present its Technology for NORM Waste Incineration at “NORM Middle East Conference”


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Next week, on 27-28 January 2015, Tecam Group will be exhibiting at the “NORM & Natural Radiation Management Middle East Conference“, to be be held in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Our participation in this conference as an exhibitor responds to Tecam Group’sexpansion strategy to further promote environmental technology in the region, specifically technology for hazardous and NORM Waste Incineration as well as Gas Emissions Treatment, which are generated during industrial processes.

According to Mr. Bernat Sala, Tecam group’s Sales Director, “The Gulf Region is very much interested in facing and providing solutions to sludges and residues generated in the Oil & Gas industry. Multinationals in the region have the financial resources to acquire cutting-edge, reliable technology that will enable them solve that problem”.

Tecam Group, as an expert in this field, will be able to put its expertise at the service of visitors attending this conference, to help the industry solve their NORM Waste issues and thus contribute to preserve the environment.

This conference will gather international experts in the NORM & Natural Radiation Management in the Gulf region, to discuss about the industry status, the chanllenges ahead and the latest technology to solve and treat all technical requirements of NORM Waste.

Highlights for this year 2015 edition include: NORM detection, monitoring and controls in the oil and gas industry; Treatment of processing industry equipment and tubulars; Methods of NORM decontamination and disposal of NORM waste; Local, Regional and International NORM laws, regulations, standards and guidelines, as well as Case studies from the Gulf Region.

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