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Techase Exhibition Report | IE expo Chengdu 2020

Chengdu, a city with delicious food and fantastic scenery, has welcomed the second edition of IE expo Chengdu on 13th Oct. 2020 at Western China International Expo City.


1.The top-quality display platform with a massive display area of 15,000 square meters.

2.Exhibits that cover the entire industrial chain of environmental protection in water, solid waste, air and soil.

3.Concurrent high-end quality forums to bring together top expert resources to make exchanges in regional market trends.

4.Kind invitation of local municipal, industrial, and rural end users.

5.Organizing one-to-one business matchmaking conferences to enable supply and demand connection.

After careful arrangement and preparation, Techase has brought 3 knock-out products at the exhibition, they’re low temperature sludge dryer, multi plate screw press and super-high pressure filter press. Let's have a look!

Low Temperature Sludge Dryer

Low temperature sludge dryer evaporates and takes away the moisture in the sludge cake produced by the sludge dewatering equipment (such as multi plate screw press, plate and frame filter press, and the super-high pressure filter press) by injecting circulating, warm and dry air, so as to achieve the purpose of sludge reduction.


1.System Safety, Good Processing Effect

The sludge with 83% moisture content can be directly dried to 10%~30%, the weight of sludge can be reduced to over 70%, and there is no dust explosion risk.

2. Multiple Heat Sources, Good Capacity Reduction Performance

The system can use steam, waste flue gas, solar energy and other waste heat to make good use of a variety of heat sources. High utilization rate and good compatibility can be realized.

3.Multi Plate Screw Press + Low Temperature Sludge Dryer, Strong System Capability

Firstly, the sludge moisture content is reduced to about 80% by multi plate screw press, and then dried by low temperature sludge dryer. The moisture content of final output sludge cake is less than 10%. The whole system has stronger processing capacity, lower investment cost and better processing effect.

4. Stable Sludge Output and Good Granulation Effect

It adopts fully enclosed design. Combined with heat pump dehumidification technology, heat can be recycled and reused during the drying process, and the equipment has no waste heat emission, which greatly reduces secondary pollution and improves working performance.

5.Stable Operation

The core component — compressor adopts imported first-line brand — Copeland compressor with high efficiency ratio and stable operation.

Techase Multi Plate Screw Press


1.Special Hard Core Screw Shaft

ANSYS Modal Analysis. Adjust parameters based on sludge characteristics to achieve excellent performance. According to the characteristics of different industries, Techase has developed special screw shafts for different industries, such as petrochemicals, fruits and vegetables, paper making, rivers and lakes, sludge concentration, starch protein, cyanobacteria, etc. Special surfacing super hard wear resistant alloy layer is adopted, and thickness is Increased by 150 times, service life is increased by 2 times.

2. Special CFRP Material, More Wear-resistant and Corrosion-resistant

3. Wide Range of Use. Allowed Inlet Solid Concentration: 5000mg/L-50000mg/L

4. Fully Enclosed Design, Low Noise, Little Odor Leaking

5. Internet Remote Control, 24 Hours Unattended Operation

Super-high Pressure Filter Press


1. Large Spring Compression Ratio

The compression stroke of the spring is large, the secondary press pressure is high, the feed filtration load is reduced, and the working cycle is short.

2. Large Effective Filtration Area

The pressing method is parallel, no dead angle, and the membrane filter press is semi-arc-shaped extrusion, uneven force, and has bumps, occupying effective filtration area.

3. Large Secondary Press Pressure

4. High Working Efficiency

5. Lone Service Life of Filter Plate, Less Auxiliary Equipment

Techase Booth: H6 D35/C36

Time: 13 October – 15 October

Location: Western China International Expo City

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