Shanghai Techase Environment Protection Co., Ltd.

Techase Develops Special Multi Plate Screw Press for Chemical Sludge

Sludge from chemical industry contains large amount of chemicals. It will lead to corrosion to the equipment easily. Consequently, shorten lifetime of equipment and turn down its performance. Therefore, dewatering treatment of chemical sludge is a severe challenge for sludge dewatering equipment.

To overcome this problem, Techase devote to R&D, and finally develop special Multi Plate Screw Press for chemical sludge. After launched to market, it helps to solve various dewatering problem in many chemical industries.

Technical Advantages

1.By targeted parameter adjustment on screw, Techase multi plate screw press is more adaptable to dewater the chemical sludge which is with complex composition and corrosivity when compares with belt press and centrifuge.

2.With surfacing welding super wear resistant hard alloy, Wear layer thickness of Techase screw is 150 times than others’. It helps to against the impurity particles in chemical sludge.

3.CFRP material rings, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, strict production quality control system.

4.Self-cleaning, no residue for chemical sludge.

Case Study

Zhejiang Dushan Energy Company Project: The sludge came from the terephthalic acid wastewater, which is highly acidic and easy to corrode. According to the characteristics of the sludge, Techase provided a special screw press for chemical sludge. Relying on the advantages of special screw shafts and moving and fixed rings, a good sludge treatment effect has been achieved.