Shanghai Techase Environment Protection Co., Ltd.

Techase Won First Prize of “2020 Environmental Technology Progress Award"

According to the rules of 'Environmental Technology Progress Award Reward Measures (Trial)', the Environmental Technology Progress Award Office of China Environmental Protection Industry Association has organized the review committee to examine and the award committee to review. Finally the proposed project of environmental Technology Progress Award in 2020 is produced. Techase and Tongji University won First Prize of “2020 Environmental Technology Progress Award'

The Environmental Technology Progress Award aims to give full play to the role of science and technology awards in promoting the technological progress of environmental protection industry, and establish an environmental protection industry technological innovation system that is enterprise-oriented, market-oriented, and combines production, education, research and application to promote the high-quality development of the environmental protection industry and support the ecology Environmental governance, speed up the improvement of environmental quality. In accordance with the 'Regulations on National Science and Technology Awards' and the 'Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Science and Technology on Further Encouraging and Regulating Social Forces to Establish Science and Technology Awards' (National Award [2017] No. 196), China Environmental Protection Industry Association has established 'Environmental Technology Progress Award'.

This time, Techase won the prize by virtue of the project of “Key Technology Application of High Salt Content and Refractory Industrial Wastewater Reduction and Recycling”. Industrial wastewater has high technical requirements for its treatment equipment due to its high salt content, complex sludge to degrade characteristics. With the combination of industry characteristics and technological innovation, Techase has developed multi plate screw press that can dewater sludge in a high-salt operation environment, greatly reducing the operation cost of sludge dewatering. The sludge dewatering machine provides an effective solution for the reduction and recycling of industrial wastewater with high salt content.

Over the years, Techase has been working hard in the field of sewage & sludge treatment. Faced with different industry characteristics and difficulties, through continuous challenges and technological innovation, the sewage & sludge treatment equipment developed by Techase has been widely used in various industries. The acquisition is not only an affirmation of Techase’ technology research and development capabilities, but also an affirmation of our strength in environmental construction. In the future, Techase will continue to innovate and forge ahead and work hard for environmental construction!

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