Technika Introduces Digital Soil Moisture Pen


Source: Sper Scientific

Probe your soil (or similar material) with the simple-to-use Digital Soil Moisture Pen – LUPMS714. The pen has a large 1.25” digital display that enables highly accurate, high resolution readings. It also features a hold and min-max function, and indicates when the batteries need to be replaced. The Digital Soil Moisture Pen comes in a portable and durable water resistant ABS-plastic housing. It comes ready to use in a protective foam-lined case with 4 AAA batteries and instructions.

To take a reading, simply insert the 9” long probe into the soil to test moisture content at the plant root level where it counts most. Measuring soil moisture can detect if there is a water shortage that can reduce yields or if there is excessive water application that can result in water logging or leaching of nitrates below the root zone. You can also build a profile of irrigated fields by measuring soil moisture for proper water management.

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