Technology which pays off


With the design of the AHWI Crawler Tractors AHWI complies with its customers request to use the high quality attachment products in areas where common tractors and carriers face their limit – such as sloppy or wet areas, high risk areas and throughout all climate zones. As a result AHWI manufactures extremely robust carriers which meet the highest principles of ecology, sustainability and servicability.

The RT-Series includes two different engine power classes. Both of them are working with high power engines which stand out by low fuel consumption and conformity to all emission standards. Best in class engineering principles led to an optimized weight and a minimal ground pressure.

Premium-grade woodchips are sought-after

The naturally growing raw materials in our domestic forests are becoming more important as an alternative fuel to oil and gas, and it can be combusted in an environmentally friendly manner in modern, automatically operating heating systems. Quite irrespective whether used in large industrial furnaces, private houses, industrial or agricultural management or in building complexes, this raw material is quite universal, and is even being used to maintain and improve play areas, gardens and parks. The manufacturing company, AHWI, based in Herdwangen/Lake Constance, has an excellent market reputation in the field of forestry and special-purpose machinery. Sustainability as a production principle features highly in its corporate philosophy. The company’s range of chippers are all very robustly built, and are distinguishable by their longevity, reliability and high-quality workmanship. They are in operation around the globe from Norway to Namibia and Siberia to Brazil.

Heating systems based on combustible woodchips are on the increase. The dearer prime oil and gas fuel sources become, the more local authorities, together with private and industrial property owners are turning their interests towards fuel from renewable resources. This is enough of an argument for AHWI to push forward with its development and production of its chipper range. The AHWI chippers are configured from individual sub-assemblies, which the customer configures to suit the operational requirement. The complete unit can then be attached to a variety of carrier vehicles, such as trucks, crawlers, tandem trailers or dumpers.

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