Teledyne Isco Acquires SofTA Corporation


Source: Teledyne ISCO

Lincoln, N.E. -- Teledyne Isco, a division of Teledyne Instruments, Inc., recently acquired the net assets of SofTA Corporation ('SofTA'), a leading manufacturer of Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (ELSD) for High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Flash Chromatography. The purchase will help better serve the needs of Teledyne Isco's Chromatography customers around the world. 

The purchase of SofTA fits into Teledyne Isco's mission to help chemists optimize the information obtained from their chromatographic analyses by delivering the best in ELSD Universal Detection. 

'Teledyne Isco is excited to take over the SofTA business and continue to offer high quality chromatography products,' said Vicki Benne, Teledyne Isco Vice President and General Manager. 'SofTA is well known for its pioneering technology in the field of ELS detection. Their product development efforts have resulted in state of the art ELS detectors exhibiting some of the highest sensitivity available in the marketplace. The SofTA drive for high performance detection and Teledyne Isco's goal to provide the highest quality of products and services to chromatography customers make the acquisition a perfect fit.' 

About Teledyne Isco 
Teledyne Isco is a leading manufacturer of innovative products designed to increase productivity while improving the quality of life on our planet. Our standard and customized products are used across multiple sectors including: water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, academia, oil exploration and reactant feed.

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