Temcor builds quality bulk storage facilties world wide


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Temcor, the world’s largest Aluminum Dome builder, has been building domes and other structures for more than 40 years and has more than 7,000 installations throughout the world.  Their corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free structures are in-place as bulk storage buildings, water and wastewater  facilities and petroleum tank covers.  Their architectural projects shine as sports arenas, planetariums, churches, zoo and botanical enclosures and more. 

Temcor is headquartered in Southern California and manufactures domes at the company’s state-of-art facility near Savannah, Georgia.  The domes are shipped to construction sites ready-to-assemble. 

The following discusses a few of Temcor’s most recent and upcoming bulk storage projects.

Limestone Storage Dome, Pueblo, CO

Temcor recently completed construction of a 78m diameter Temcor Aluminum Dome for Limestone storage at the new GCC cement plant in Pueblo, Colorado.  Temcor was selected for the project because of their decades of experience building bulk storage facilities that stand the test of time.

The dome, which has a rise of 24m, has been equipped with a 10ft wide x 11ft. high conveyor opening, eight skylights, a gravity vent, two galvanized steel roll-up doors and a galvanized man door.

Temcor delivered the un-assembled dome to the site in December of 2006 and began erection right away.  Just as the assembly process began, a series of blizzards swept through, which is most unusual for the area.  Temcor still completed the dome in just 13 weeks, with an average crew of just 6 men, using man lifts or condors to erect from the outer support wall to the center.  Once the dome’s triangulated space frame was complete, the dome’s triangular aluminum panels were attached to the frame using Temcor’s proprietary closure system.

Temcor’s dome is complete and this grass roots plant is slated to go online in 2008.

Other Recent Temcor Storage Projects

Temcor was awarded a contract to build a 93m diameter aluminum limestone storage dome by Italcementi at their new Essroc Cement Corporation plant in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  The dome will be built with 23 skylight panels, a conveyor opening, man doors, truck doors and more.  The dome is scheduled to be complete by December 2007.

When Irish Cement decided to expand their Platin Works cement plant in Drogheda, Ireland near Dublin, they chose a Temcor Aluminum Dome to build a 105m diameter limestone storage dome.  The dome will be constructed using Temcor’s Center Tower erection method.  With this method, the dome is constructed from the ground-up.  As each ring is completed, the center tower raises the dome until the entire dome is completed and attached to the retaining wall.  The dome is due to be complete in November, 2007.

A new plant being built in Festus, Missouri by Buzzi Unicem, USA will include an 88m diameter Temcor Aluminum Dome to handle the plant’s limestone storage.  Two truck openings, a conveyor opening, skylights and other features will be designed into the dome.  Construction is scheduled to begin in June, 2007 and should be complete by November, 2007.

Presently, Temcor is completing construction on a 90.5m clinker storage dome at Riverside Cement Company’s Oro Grande, California plant.  The plant uses an Aumund MOLE clinker reclaim system in which the storage area is filled via a stacking tube in the center of the building.  To accommodate this tube, Temcor modified its Center Tower erection method by attaching winches to the top of the tube and then using lift lines to raise the dome as it is assembled.  The dome was designed to withstand the 150º F above ambient processed clinker temperature.

Late last year, Temcor replaced a typhoon-destroyed dome for the Taiwan Cement Corporation at their Ho-Ping, Taiwan cement plant.  The original dome, built by another manufacturer. was less than 10 years old when it was destroyed by a seasonal typhoon.  Temcor developed a custom erection system for the dome so that the limestone handling system could stay partially in service during construction.  The resulting Temcor Aluminum dome has a diameter of 135m and has been engineered to withstand wind speeds of 65m/s, 3-second average.


A Temcor aluminum Dome is the right choice for virtually any bulk storage project. 
and offers an impressive list of advantages for the bulk storage industry. 

Common rectangular steel buildings are flawed in many respects, including footprint size.  A circular pile requires less land space than a rectangular pile with the same storage capacity.

Temcor domes are constructed entirely of high-grade lightweight aluminum alloys without the use of structural steel.  Steel and concrete, far heavier, require larger construction crews, increased foundation costs and longer erection times.  And, the corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys are don’t require paint or other coatings, even when the domes are installed just a few meters away from the ocean.  Since rust and rot are eliminated, rain leakage or other corrosion problems are non-existent. 

Besides protecting materials from contamination due to rain or losses from wind, the domes also protect the environment from problems like airborne dust.  Pollution control issues are significant factors in any construction project these days and requirements to cover stored bulk materials are on the rise.

Finally, a Temcor Aluminum dome offers flexibility of design.  Temcor can design a facility to accommodate conveyors, stacker/reclaimer systems, hatches and even interior access driveways.  Added costs for conveyors to run the length of a rectangular building are higher than conveyor costs for a dome because conveyors for a dome system only extend to the radius of the dome.  And Temcor domes can be engineered to withstand heavy snow and wind loads, and seismic activity.

Temcor ‘s experience doesn’t stop at bulk storage facilities.  For years, Temcor has built aluminum roof systems for architectural applications that include, but are not limited to, sports arenas, cruise terminals, planetariums and churches.  Temcor roof systems for the petroleum and water and wastewater industries offer the same quality, flexibility of design and corrosion-resistance to those industries, as well.

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