Tempo Hotel Bucharest signs an agreement with ALLCOT to measure its carbon footprint, reduce and offset its emissions


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Tempo Hotel Bucharest, an award-winning 3-star hotel located in the Bucharest city center, has signed an agreement with ALLCOT to measure, reduce and offset its annual carbon emissions.

In 2015, Tempo Hotel Bucharest was responsible for generating 105tnsC02eq tCO2e (metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent), mainly from heating and electricity consumption. Measuring its footprint, trying to reduce it and offsetting its unavoidable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions constitute only a part of this considerate hotel’s sustainability strategy.

Now, ALLCOT is going to calculate the emissions of 2016 and will make a comparison with the previous year to draw conclusions and develop a best practice plan, to be implemented and executed by all hotel employees. Usually this reports up to a 4~5% annual reduction. Also, ALLCOT will develop a long term reduction plan, based on the info provided by the hotel (electricity, fuel consumptions, management trips, lights, heater, etc.). Savings will depend on the amount of new implantations developed and installed. And, in the meantime, the hotel will offset the unavoidable emissions year after year.

“This CO2 emissions reduction target is part of our policy to increase our guests’ comfort and satisfaction with our services. As hoteliers, we think that it’s very important to be considerate about the environment and the society at large. When guests know that the hotel offsets their business or holiday-related carbon footprint, then their stay at our hotel becomes guilt-free and thus more attractive. We preferred to partner with ALLCOT in our sustainability journey to reduce and offset our carbon emissions, and more importantly, to help our guests reflect upon preserving our planet” says Gulen HASHMI & Cristina SOLOMON, the senior management team at Tempo Hotel Bucharest.

“ALLCOT is delighted to be partnering with Tempo on their sustainability journey that is targeting zero emissions with reduced operational costs. Romanian market is a clear strategic objective of ours, so this collaboration is very exciting for us to be involved with”, says Alexis L.  Leroy, CEO of ALLCOT.

The carbon zero emissions strategy of Tempo has been implemented in Romania with the help of Carbon Expert, which is an official ALLCOT partner for Eastern Europe.

“We have decided to promote ALLCOT sustainability projects to reduce CO2 emissions in this part of Europe. I am glad that Tempo has chosen to act responsibly to reduce and neutralize their emissions and I hope other responsible hotels and companies will follow”, says Casiana Fometescu, Carbon Expert.


About Tempo Hotel Bucharest

Tempo Hotel Bucharest is an award-winning 3-star hotel with 31 rooms located in the Bucharest city center, within walking distance of the main touristic areas of the capital. 70% of the staff has been working in the hotel since the hotel opening in 2004 and there is an average 34% repeat guest ratio.

In December 2016, Tempo Hotel Bucharest received the Socrates “Best Enterprise” Award from the Europe Business Assembly (EBA), which is granted to the best performing businesses and organizations in the world. Very recently in March 2017, the hotel has also been granted the BIZZ 2017 “Business Excellence” Award by the World Confederation of Businesses. Tempo Hotel Bucharest has been selected one of the Traveler’s choice hotels in 2015 and holds a Certificate of Excellence 2016 from TripAdvisor. The hotel prides itself in its strong culture of sustainability, which has been verified by an American research company.



ALLCOT is a company specialized in end-to-end sustainability solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. In addition to helping companies engage with their stakeholders and consumers through positive sustainability actions, we develop environmental projects in-house and continue to be one of the leaders in the professional environmental services sector.

We offer a number of services related to climate change. These include carbon footprint measurement, emissions reduction and offsetting; also, trading in climate change, energy derivatives and the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

About Carbon Expert:

Carbon Expert is an independent consultant based in Eastern Europe, specialized in the CO2 emissions and international voluntary carbon markets.

For more information on Carbon Expert, please contact Casiana Fometescu: casiana@carbonexpert.ro  


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