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Tesco launches new recycling units


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Retail giant Tesco has launched new recycling units aimed at encouraging people to recycle ‘on the go’ in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

The move by Tesco will see recycling units, each worth £25,000, placed outside the supermarket’s smaller format high street stores in order to encourage more people to recycle their waste when they are ‘on the go’.

Until now automated recycling units have mainly been located on out-of-town retail sites, rather than catering for people living or working in local communities or town centres.

Customers get Clubcard points for materials they put into the machine such as plastic bottles and glass. Most machines award one point for every four items recycled. It aims to reward consumers for recycling (see MRW story).

The recycling units will be trialled at nine further stores in Essex, Hertfordshire and Hampshire areas and if successful they will be rolled out across the rest of the UK.

Tesco recycling and waste head Sion Stanfield said: “We know through the success of our larger recycling units that a growing number of people are doing all they can to help the environment by recycling valuable waste materials and disposing of their rubbish thoughtfully.

“However, we know we can reach more people, by making facilities more accessible to pedestrians when they’re on the go, with these smaller units, so we are optimistic that they will lead to increased levels of recycling and cleaner streets.”

The new units will take PET drink bottles and aluminium steel cans.

Not-for-profit organisation Recoup will be supporting Tesco on the project.

Business development director Stuart Foster said: “This trial will give more people the chance to recycle, and will hopefully be useful to those promoting responsible behaviour, by developing another channel for capturing waste materials generated by people while they’re away from their homes.

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