Texas Computer Recycling Center Expands as National Attention to E-Waste Increases


Source: TechnoCycle

As recent initiatives by the EPA support action against e-waste, local Houston computer recycling center, Technocycle, is expanding its operations by over 10,000 square feet to meet the increased demand in responsible recycling services. In addition, Technocycle recently hired Matt Workman of Houston as the Business Development Director.

As Technocycle increases its ability to provide responsible computer recycling options to Houston consumers and benefit the local economy, it is expanding its operations by 10,800 square feet to a total of 31,500 square feet. 'We'll be moving the recycling part of our business into the new facility in early November,' says Mike Buckles, President of Technocycle.

Matt Workman brings 13 years of experience to Technocycle as the owner of Digital Foundry Texas, a specialty computer remarketing company that focused on high-end systems like SGI, SUN, and Apple. This background gives him insight into the needs and equipment used by Houston's high tech companies.

Also a licensed attorney at law, Workman is uniquely qualified to assist Houston area businesses to navigate the sometimes tricky process of responsible electronic and computer recycling.

Technocycle hopes to create more jobs in the future. 'We want to show that domestic electronics recycling also creates local jobs and benefits the local economy,' reports Buckles. With national unemployment hovering at 9% and unemployment in Houston at 8.2%, the creation of new jobs is sure to increase the value of a business in the community.

As support by Congress increases, with the recently announced Responsible Electronics Recycling Act, and the EPA tackles e-waste as one of the six largest environmental challenges, public demand for responsible recycling also increases. Technocycle reports that it has increased its client base in the last few months hitting new company records and helping more companies to find responsible ways to manage their e-waste.

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