Texas Wastewater Plant Replaces Brushes With WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems


Source: GillTrading.com, Inc.

GillTrading.com, Inc. of Beaverton, OR is pleased to announce the installation of 6 WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems at the City of Longview wastewater treatment plant in Texas. The local representative, Hartwell Environmental Corp., was instrumental in officiating the changeover from mechanical brush devices to fully automated WeirWasher spray systems to effectively control the daily algae growth and unwanted material accumulation found in both the primary and secondary clarifiers at the facility. The Longview WWTP staff with the guidance of GillTrading.com, Inc. installed the systems.

Originally, the Longview plant was interested in providing debris control for the serpentine or finger weir design of two primary clarifier tanks. This type of configuration is impossible to clean with a mechanical brush device so the obvious choice would be a non contact spray design. Supportive and safety structures also were design considerations for the WeirWasher system to articulate and move around. A movable spray arm can accommodate these difficult design criteria.  The facility also reviewed the operation of the their current methods of clarifier algae maintenance.  The facility has both brush and other clarifier weir designs with no mechanisms. On analysis of both cleaning strategies the facility determined that the WeirWasher systems would be more cost effective to operate and maintain.  A primary consideration was the cost of manual cleaning that was required by both the brush and staff only cleaning methods to adequately control the algae.

Promoting safety for both the environment and the facility staff are additional benefits of the jet spray system. The WeirWasher is operated by a solenoid valve which may be controlled by either a programmable controller or SCADA/PLC which eliminates the need for staff to get into the tank to engage or disengage a brush. The two directional water jets provide a lancing action to effectively remove algal growth, grease, paper, plants, or other debris from the tank surfaces such as the scum baffle, brackets, weirs, walls, floor and spillway. The water lance is an adequate means to prevent debris accumulation so that neither chemicals or manual scrubbing are necessary. This is particularly important to prevent sloughing or washing over of algae or plants into the disinfection chamber or filters which will require additional cleaning maintenance. Large algae blooms that buildup on the UV tubes can break the tube housing or prevent optimum operation.

Gilltrading.com, Inc. is committed to offering innovative designs to address maintenance needs while encouraging safety and environmental responsibility. To view additional material control for municipal and industrial applications you may visit www.weirwasher.com.

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